Mentor Performance Suite (Year 1) includes: 

Mentor Core - Being a Coach, When to Discipline, Supervision; The Hard Questions Answered, Acknowledging a Job Well Done, Workplace Bullying, Handling Difficult Employees, Remedial Training, Keeping a Positive Mindset, Preparing Yourself for a Critical Incident, and Preparing Your Agency for Critical Incidents (4 hours)

Customer Service (8 hours)

Breeding Success in Your Training Program (8 hours)

Mentor Essential Review (1 hour)

Communication in the Dispatch Center (1 hour)

911 Challenges (1 hour)

Active Shooter and Terrorism (1 hour)

Mentor Performance Suite (Year 2) includes:

Communications Center Liability (8 hours)

How to Save a Life - Yours (8 hours)

PTSD (1 hour)

Supervisor Skills (1 hour)

CTO (1 hour)

Suicidal Callers (1 hour)

Mentor Performance Suite (Year 3) includes: 

Advanced Law Enforcement (16 hours)

How Cultural Diversity Affects the Communication Center (1 hour)

PSAP Frontline Leader Success (1 hour)

 NG9-1-1 - Are We There Yet? (1 hour)

Active Shooter - Lessons Learned (1 hour)

Mentor Performance Suite (Year 4) includes:

Communications Training Officer (CTO) (16 hours)

From Failure to Success: PSAP Training Tactics that Work (1 hour)

The Staffing Conundrum (1 hour)

Public Safety and Generational Difference (1 hour)

Responder Safety (1 hour)

Mentor Performance Suite (Year 5) includes:

Communications Center Supervisor (16 hours)

Improving Morale in Your Agency (1 hour)

Business of Leadership (1 hour)

Active Listening (1 hour)

Everyday Ethics (1 hour)